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‘I wish someone would have told me this’ Workshop

‘I wish someone would have told me this’ Workshop

Want to learn more about your TRIM notice?Join our workshop "I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me This:  Everything You Need to Know About Your TRIM Notice'This workshop is designed for Alachua County homeowners who want to learn more about the TRIM notice, including its...

Probate & Estate Planning Initiative

Probate & Estate Planning Initiative

Alachua County residents have approximately $261 million of property value at risk of entering a costly and lengthy probate legal process. Due to the significance of this data, our office created our Probate and Estate Planning Summit. This event features an interactive panel discussion led by representatives from Alachua County.

Realtors’ Seminar

Realtors’ Seminar

Ongoing Community Education InitiativesSpeakersThis event is free and open to all real estate professionals. Please be sure to register hereSubjects we will go over•...

 Interested in ACPA going to an Event?

Do you and your group want to learn more about the value and assessment of properties in Alachua County? Learn more about your property taxes or apply for exemptions? If so, you might want to invite the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s team to your event!

The Alachua County Property Appraiser’s office is responsible for identifying, locating, and fairly valuing all property within Alachua County for tax purposes. We have worked with different types of entities and events throughout the Alachua County area, such as homeowners associations, real estate agents, civic groups, and more. We have informative presentations with our ACPA experts that can help better inform you and your group about all the different aspects of ACPA.
Whether you want us to table at your event or talk at an event you are hosting, we would love to hear from you.

Please give us up to 2 business days to respond.

Tangible Personal Property Lunch and Learn

Ongoing Community Education InitiativesTangible Personal Property Lunch and Learn  AboutSign up and join us Thursday, February 15th 12:00 pm at the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce and learn more about Tangible Personal Property and its importance to your...

Mobile Pop-Up @ Newberry!

Ongoing Community Education InitiativesMobile Pop-up @ Newberry  AboutIn continuing to support our constituents in Alachua County, we’re excited to be collaborating with the City of Newberry by hosting a mobile pop-up at the Mentholee Norfleet Municipal Building!...

Homeowners Education Initiative

We’ve implemented a Homeowner’s Education Initiative that provides homeowners with a holistic view of our office while addressing any questions or concerns from the public. These presentations include an overview of how we determine value, how these numbers impact the homeowner, a homestead overview, an overview of current trends for the specific community, and information about additional exemptions.

Community Celebrations

We look for opportunities to engage with the public and gain community exposure on a larger scale to help familiarize constituents with our office. This means participating in well-known community celebrations.

New Home Buyer

New or Prospective Buyer? We’ve Got You Covered
Becoming a new homeowner can be overwhelming so, we want to help new owners learn more about what they expect from our office once they purchase a home. We do this by attending local Homebuyer’s Education Seminars. During these presentations, we cover a valuation overview and information about exemptions.  

Realtors and Title Agency Presentation

Since realtors and title agents serve as an essential communication channel for new and prospective buyers in the community, we collaborate by providing helpful presentations to brokerages and title agencies about various exemptions, why values change and how new construction is valued.

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