Ongoing Community Education Initiatives

Realtors and Title Agency Presentation


Since realtors and title agents serve as an essential communication channel for new and prospective buyers in the community, we collaborate by providing helpful presentations to brokerages and title agencies about various exemptions, why values change and how new construction is valued.  

A frequently asked question we receive from new buyers is about homestead exemption capping. This is because some buyers reference the previous owner’s taxes and do not understand why they are paying a higher bill. This is because the previous owner had exemptions and caps on the property. We hope by sharing this information with realtors, they can have additional insights to share with clients. 

If you would like our office to provide this information in further detail or provide a presentation, please submit a request.

Presenting to Local Title Agencies

Following the success of presenting to local relators, we have expanded this approach to include title agencies in the area to further inform agents about the homestead exemption, ownership requirements, updated forms required by this office, required documents for applications, and an overview of residency.   

Title agencies are tasked with making sure the title of a piece of real estate is legitimate without defect and serves as a third party in a real estate transaction. 

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