Division and Responsibilities

Administrative Services

Appraisal Services

This department is typically the public’s first contact with the office of Property Appraiser.

Public Requests: Handles requests for printed copies of parcel information and map reproduction and sales, sale of tax roll CD’s, special projects such as mailing lists and labels for homeowners associations and small businesses and detailed and complex queries of our property data base.

The Department receives and reviews for approval all applications for homestead, senior citizen, widow and veterans exemptions and historical, tax increment and other special district provisions that affect valuation.

CAMA System

Maintaining the office’s computer assisted mass appraisal software and supporting both internal and external users is the responsibility of this department. Development and maintenance of all Appraisal software system programs also resides here.

Our CAMA system utilizes an IBM DB2 relational database to house the appraisal database. It is updated daily with name and address changes, sales data and other real and personal property updates.

Internet server support of the current year’s appraisal database (copy) and the GIS base map (copy) resides here. Our internet server is updated weekly to reflect new additions and changes to the office databases.

Exemptions and Support

The Department annually processes approximately 12,000 homestead exemption applications available under Florida Statutes.

Mails approximately 75,000 items from the office annually including homestead applications and exemption notices.

Tax Roll Recaps: Prepares tax roll summaries and other tax roll documents for the office.


A wide range of processes fall under the umbrella of the Administration Division. Core processes for this division relate to human resources, financials, legal and legislative matters, office procedures, quality control and tax roll compliance.

Administration is responsible for the management of human resources and financials. Tasks associated with human resources include hiring, onboarding, administration of benefits, coordination of performance evaluations, training, maintaining the Deputy Handbook and addressing grievance and labor related issues. Tasks associated with financials include the processing of semi-monthly payrolls, purchasing and accounts payable. Additionally, an annual budget is prepared and submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue for approval. Administration closely monitors the annual budget throughout each fiscal year.

The Administration Division is also responsible for handling legal matters, tracking legislation that impacts the ad valorem property appraisal process, and documentation of office procedures and quality control. Related information is continually monitored and disseminated to staff which allows staff to knowledgeable serve the tax payers of Alachua County.

Tax Roll Administration

Tax roll compliance is another responsibility of Administration, including coordination of the tax roll and submission to the Florida Department of Revenue for approval. Additional duties include administration of Truth in Millage (TRIM) notices and coordination of the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) as it relates to the Property Appraiser’s Office. An end of year mailing that includes exemption and classification renewal cards, as well as Tangible Personal Property waiver cards and returns, is also processed by staff in Administration Division.

Technology and Support Services

IT Department

The daily operation of the office’s networked computer system of PCs, servers and devices, along with appropriate application software is the responsibility of this department.

The IT staff is responsible for maintaining all computer network, telecommunication and internet hardware and systems, including PCs, to make sure that they are performing efficiently.

This department tracks software and hardware licensing and maintenance to ensure compliance, operates within budget guidelines and assists other departments and customers with software issues.

Geographic Information Services (GIS)

This department updates the GIS database daily with parcel changes including splits, subdivisions, condominiums, ordinances, map corrections and combines to maintain an accurate inventory of all parcels.

The department provides services and assistance to internal and external customers, including a range of geographic data sets and maps for download on our web portal.

GIS Applications

This department is responsible for the design, implementation and advancement of Alachua County’s Enterprise GIS System by using modern cloud services and GIS technology. The department supports GIS applications to maintain spatial data and web information, and assists other departmental agencies with technical assistance on GIS applications.


Real Property (Residential, Commercial & Agricultural) Appraisals

Appraises all residential, commercial and agricultural real property for tax purposes, including land, buildings and improvements.

Appraises agriculturally classified properties upon annual application and determines those properties that qualify for agricultural classification, establishing their value.

Data from sales and permits as well as income and expense information are verified and entered into the CAMA system. Once in the system, the real property department analyses the data and calibrates the models used to assess the real property. We are bound by law to maintain statistical compliance with Florida Statutes and Department of Revenue guidelines and the models developed here assist in that goal.

Date of Assessment: January 1 of each year. All property is assessed according to its just or market value

By law the Property Appraiser must physically inspect each piece of property every 5 years.

In deriving just valuation, the factors that are considered are contained in Florida Statutes.

Tangible Personal Property Appraisal

Appraises all tangible personal property which includes anything other than real estate that has value by itself, including furniture, fixtures, tools, machinery, signs, equipment, leasehold improvements, and trade fixtures, supplies and other items used in business to earn income.

Date of Assessment: January 1 of each year. All property is assessed according to its just or market value with consideration granted to classified values as allowed in Florida Statutes.

Tangible returns (DR-405) must be filed yearly with the Property Appraiser by April 1st unless the filing requirement is waived or extended by the Property Appraiser. Penalties accrue for late, non-filing and under-reporting.

In deriving just valuation, the factors that are considered are contained in Florida Statutes.