Property Search Help

Property searches return a list of all the properties matching the search criteria provided. Once the list is returned, you may select any property from the list to see details about the selected property.

The searches will start to automatically fill complete your searches.

When searching for neighborhoods, you can key in the first letter and the list will jump to that relevant letters the neighborhood starts with or you can scroll through the names until you find the neighborhood you are searching for.

There are help videos on the right side menu to also help you with searching for properties.


You may search for a property using one of the methods below.
Click a term to find its definition.

Subdivision Search

Select the desired subdivision from the list and press the List button.

A subdivision is the actual subdivision name as filed in our office which distinguishes it from the area search. Subdivision is the more common way of describing a property location whereas an area is used primarily by the field appraisers.

If an area or subdivision is not listed in the drop down box, contact our Customer Service Department for help in finding out how to locate what you are seeking. 

Owner Name Search

To search for a property by owner name, enter a partial or complete last and/or first name.  If no first name is entered, the search uses a wild card search on the last name.  For Example, if “Sm” is entered in the last name, all last names (in alphabetic order) beginning with “Sm” will be listed.  If a first name is entered, the search assumes the last name is complete and a wild card is used on the first name.  For example, if “Johns” is entered as a last name and “Ma” is entered as a first name, all last names equal to “Johns” that have a first name beginning with “Ma” will be listed.

Property Address Search

To search for a properties address, start keying in the address and the list will start automatically completing the list. Then just click on the address that you are searching for.

There are help videos on the right side menu that will also aid you in how to search for properties.

Drop Down Box Tip

Type a character in this field, while it is highlighted, and the first occurrence of the street name will pop into the window. Continue to hit (or hold down) the same character and the next sequential name will appear. You can scroll through every occurrence of names beginning with that character by continuing to type that character.

For instance, highlight the Street Name/Type field and type the letter ‘F’. The entry FAIRMONT ST will pop into the box. Type ‘F’ again and the entry changes to FAWN D . Typing an ‘F’ a third time displays FLORIDA AVE. Once you reach the end of the names that begin with an ‘F’ it will wrap around and display FAIRMONT ST again. 

Section-Township-Range Search

Select the desired Section, Township, and Range then press the List button.  The Section, Township, AND Range must be entered to get a property listing.  All properties located within a grant have a Section of “00”.

Parcel Number Search

To search for a property by parcel number, locate the parcel number on a trim notice, tax bill, homestead notice, or Ag exemption notification.  The number will have the format: 99999 999 999  -OR-  99999-999-999. After locating the number enter it into the Parcel Number field. The leading zeros do not need to be entered, but a separator (blank or -) must be entered between the 3 parts of the parcel number. 

For example, Parcel Number 00034 050 001, could be entered any of the following ways:

  • 34 50 1
  • 34-50-1
  • 00034 050 001
  • 00034-050-001

If a specific parcel number is not known, then a parcel range can be entered and the search will return a list of parcels within the range.

Property Type Search

Select the desired Property Type from the drop down box. The first 10 are groupings of commonly related property types and encompass multiple property use codes. Following these are each individual property use code and description. A Property Use Code defines the primary usage of a property.

Legal Description Search

Enter a word or phrase to search for in the legal descriptions.

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