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Exemption Guide
Exemption Guide

Exemptions Guide

Want to learn more about our exemptions? We have put together an intuitive exemption guide complete with examples to help you figure out which exemptions apply to your case.

Click here to visit our exemption guide.
Instructional Videos
Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

We have put together a series of videos to help you understand the appraisal process. We also have videos detailing the claim process and how to request an exemption.

Instructional Videos.
Homestead Exemption Application
Online Homestead

Online Homestead Exemption Application

If you are applying for a Homestead Exemption please see our new on-line application.

Click here to visit the Homestead Exemption Application
Resolution Center
Resolution Center

On Line Property Guide and Resolution Center

The "Resolution Center" is a place to learn about the appraisal process and to file a Request For Review.

Property Guide and Resolution Center
Interactive Calendar
Interactive Calendar

Interactive Calendar

The interactive calendar is a guide to important dates, office closure's and official deadlines.

Click here to visit the Interactive Calendar.

In The News

August 14, 2015
**Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM) **
Mailed out on Friday August 14,2015

In August of each year, our office mails out the TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notice to all property owners in Alachua County as required by law. The TRIM notice tells you the taxable value of your property. Taxable value is the market value less any exemptions. The TRIM notice also gives you information on proposed millage rates and taxes as estimated by your local taxing authorities. It also tells you when and where these authorities will hold public meetings to discuss tentative budget to set your millage rates. The final tax notices, as prescribed by law, will be mailed by the Alachua County Tax Collector on or before November 1st.
July, 2015: We've Moved!

Our new mailing address and location is:
515 North Main Street
Suite 200
Gainesville, FL 32601

Alachua County is Beautiful.
* All pictures were taken by The Alachua County Property Appraiser's Staff.

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All pictures were taken by The Alachua County Property Appraiser's Staff.