Homestead Exemption Electronic Filing

Extenuating Circumstances Affidavit



In order to submit a late application to be considered for the 2021 tax year, you must complete the ‘Extenuating Circumstances Affidavit’. This means you moved onto your property January 1, 2021 or earlier. Click the link below to complete the affidavit and then save to your computer. You must then upload the affidavit at the end of completing your online application. 


If you owned and resided on the property you are applying for January 2, 2021 or later, then you can scroll down to the online application below.


Very important information.

Please read this section first and follow the instructions.

Homestead Exemption Online Application

If you owned and resided in the home you are applying for on January 2, 2021 or later, you DO NOT have to complete the Extenuating Circumstances Affidavit and can go straight to completing the online application by clicking the button below. 

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