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How Does Property Qualify For Agricultural Classification

For property to qualify for agricultural classification an application must be made, and the land must be used in good faith for commercial agricultural purposes.

The following are the guidelines for receiving the agricultural classification in Alachua County.  It is important to note that these are guidelines; they are neither rules nor guarantees. Every application and use will be evaluated on its own merit.  Please keep in mind the following rules:

Florida law requires that the operation be a good faith commercial agricultural operation.
Your application must be accompanied by a written farm plan or lease.
Your plan and a physical inspection of your property will be the basis for our decision to grant this classification.
Tangible Personal Property return must be filed.

A few acres for a garden used for home consumption does not constitute a commercial operation.  However; a few acres of nursery crop and a good farm plan may very well constitute a commercial operation.  While an agricultural operation must operate with the expectation of a profit, it does not have to be operated at a profit every year to be bona fide, but evidence of income which the property is producing and of the care given and procedure used in caring for the land is relevant.  In other words, what management practices have been carried out on this land?

Factual Determinations to Consider

Has the operation been continuous? Is there evidence that establishes a bona fide effort by the property owner to sufficiently and adequately care for the land in a commercial agricultural manner?
Has there been a true effort to have the property contribute to the agricultural economy of the county on either a short or long term basis, proportionate to the size of the property.
What portion of the property is being used for agriculture?
Has a “Tangible Personal Property” return been filed on all equipment that is involved in the farming operation by April 1 of each year?
Is the application(s) accompanied by a farm or forestry plan or written lease?
How do your practices and plan compare to reasonable, typical management practices for similar operations?

Best Management Practices in Alachua County

A typical plan identifies the number of acres for the parcel, the number in acres for each applicable crop, a schedule or when and what treatments (expenses) there will be and a projection of total crop income. 

Suggested Commercial Agricultural Acreage Guidelines (partial listing)
Pasture-Livestock (approximate) stocking rates
10 Cows Breeding age females or equivalent animal units
30 Goats or Sheep Breeding age females or equivalent animal units
3 Horses Breeding, boarding and training
10 Hogs Breeding age sows or equivalent animal units
Feed Lot Individual basis
Field Crops
Row Crops Peanuts, corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, cotton, etc.
Vegetable Crops Squash, okra, tomatoes, peas, etc.
Hay Commercial varieties, minimum of two cuttings, fertilized
Planted Pines Planting rate – 600 per acre
Natural Pine Individual basis
Christmas Trees Planting rate – 1100 per acre
Orchards and Groves
Example of spacing on all grove and specialty crops:
Grapes 15’ between plants and 10’ between rows.
Pecans 60 x 60 spacing, approx. 12 trees per acre
Chestnuts 20 x 20 spacing, approx. 105 trees per acre
Persimmons 10 x 15 spacing, approx. 170 trees per acre
Apples, Peaches, and Pears 15 x 20 spacing, approx. 140 trees per acre
Specialty Crops
Blueberries 6 x 12 spacing, approx. 600 bushes per acre
Blackberries 5 x 12 spacing, approx. 720 bushes per acre
Grapes 15 x 10 spacing, approx. 170 plants per acre
Strawberries Spacing will vary
Tree Farm Planting rate – 300 to 1000, depending on species
Green House/Nursery Individual basis
Poultry, Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, Fish, Other Individual basis

Note: All applications for timber require a forestry plan. Farm plans require a lease when applicable, along with other documentation depending on the intended commercial usage.

For information on other guidelines, please contact our office or visit our website at www.acpafl.org for an application.
Agricultural information:  (352) 374-5232
Tangible Personal Property:  (352) 374-5234

Deadline For Filing

 To qualify for agricultural classification, you must file an application with the Alachua County Property Appraiser between January 1st and March 1st of the tax year.